el1901, laptop power bank, portable External Battery, power bank for laptop 147wh, 16v, 19v

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Heavy duty power bank, for many electronic devices
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el1901, Multipurpose external battery, power bank for laptop, and portable devices. laptop power bank, el 1901 battery

Long hour backup 3-10 hours depending on external load.
Support many portable devices such as, laptops, PDAs, mobile phone, portable audio-video players, Tele Communication devices and many other such systems.


Battery Chemistry : Lithium Ion (Li-ion)

Capacity: 147 watt-hrs
Input required for charging the battery : 12VDC using car adaptor OR 220 volts AC using wall plug adaptor
Output: 16 and 19VDC switch selectable
USB Output : 5V DC
Physical Dimensions: 27 cm x14.5 cm x 3.25 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Color: Dark Blue / black
Output Connectors : Set of multiple types of connectors.
Charge time : 210 minutes ( using 16V 60W Adapter supplied with the unit)

This is an external multipurpose external battery. You can connect it to your laptop via AC adapter plugs.

There is a small voltage switch under the device to change voltages. You can select the device output either 16V DC or 19V DC.
We include most popular connectors that will replicate the connector you have on your AC Adapter.
This battery is a Li-ion and has a capacity of 147 Watt/Hours that will run a laptop for 3-6 hours based on your model and power settings.
Package Contents :

Main battery set

Connector to charge from 12v car accessories socket.
AC adaptor to charge from wall outlet ( 220V )
AC power cord.

Output connectors pack.

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