dell inspiron 5547, 5548 trhff, p38f, p39f, p49g, 9hrxj, 86jk8 laptop battery

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compatible laptop battery for dell inspiron 5442, 5443, 5445, 5447, 5448, 5542, 5543, 5545, 5547, 5548 trhff, p38f, p39f, p49g, 9hrxj, 86jk8 Laptop Battery

Battery Ratings : Li-Ion, 14.8v 2000 mAh,

Picture for illustration purpose only.

Compatible battery part numbers (P/Ns) :

    Dell 00PD19
    Dell 01V2F6
    Dell 01WWHW
    Dell 0PD19
    Dell 1V2F6
    Dell 1WWHW
    Dell 451-BBJY
    Dell 451-BBK1
    Dell 451-BBKI
    Dell 451-BBLX
    Dell 58DP4
    Dell 5MD4V
    Dell 86JK8
    Dell 9HRXJ
    Dell DFVYN
    Dell DL011307-PRR13G01
    Dell DWFYM
    Dell OPD19
    Dell P38F
    Dell P38F001
    Dell P39F
    Dell P39F001
    Dell P39F-002
    Dell P49G
    Dell P49G-001
    Dell P49G002
    Dell R77WV
    Dell TRHFF
    Dell VPH5X

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

Supports the following laptop Models :

  • Dell Inspiron 14-5447
    Dell Inspiron 14-5448
    Dell Inspiron 15-5545
    Dell Inspiron 15-5547
    Dell Inspiron 15-5548
    Dell Inspiron 15R (5545)
    Dell Inspiron 5442
    Dell Inspiron 5443
    Dell Inspiron 5445
    Dell Inspiron 5447
    Dell Inspiron 5448
    Dell Inspiron 5542
    Dell Inspiron 5543
    Dell Inspiron 5545
    Dell Inspiron 5547
    Dell Inspiron 5548
    Dell Inspiron I4-5447
    Dell Inspiron I5-5547
    Dell Inspiron N5447
    Dell Inspiron N5547
    Dell Latitude 14 3450
    Dell Latitude 15 3550
    Dell Latitude 3450
    Dell Latitude 3550

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