Lenovo 42T4921, 42T4923, 42T4925, 42T4927, 45N1005 battery

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6 cells Lion compatible battery for Lenovo 42T4921, 42T4923, 42T4925, 42T4927, 45N1005, Edge 14, Edge 15, L410, SL410, L510, L420, L520, T410, T420, T510, T520 compatible laptop battery

Ratings : Li-Ion, 10.8v / 11.1V, 4000mAh, 6 cells

Compatible battery part numbers (P/Ns) :

42T4235, 42T4709, 42T4710, 42T4711, 42T4713, 42T4715, 42T4732, 42T4733, 42T4734, 42T4736, 42T4738, 42T4757, 42T4758, 42T4763, 42T4764, 42T4765, 42T4766, 42T4790, 42T4794, 42T4798, 42T4848, 42T4883, 42T4885, 42T4887, 42T4911, 42T4912, 42T4921, , 42T4923, 51J0498, 51J0499, 51J0500, 57Y4185, 57Y4186, 70++, , 42T4703, 42T4711, 42T4752, 42T4754, 42T4756, 42T4794, 42T4796, 45N1000, 42T4702, 42T4704, 42T4706, 42T4708, , 42T4710, 42T4712, 42T4714, 42T4731, 42T4735, 42T4737, 42T4751, 42T4753, 42T4755, 42T4758, 42T4791, 42T4793, 42T4795, 42T4797, 42T4799, 42T4801, 42T4803, 42T4817, 42T4819, 42T4848, 42T4851, 42T4853, 42T4925, 42T4927, , 45N1001, 45N1003, 45N1005, 45N1007, 45N1009, 45N1011, 57Y4545, OA36302,

Supports the following laptop Models :

ThinkPad Edge 0578-47B, ThinkPad Edge 14″, ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787UJ, ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787VJ , ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787WJ, ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787XJ, ThinkPad Edge 14″ 05787YJ, ThinkPad Edge 15″ , ThinkPad Edge 15″ 0301, ThinkPad Edge 15″ 301K7J, ThinkPad Edge E40, ThinkPad Edge E420, ThinkPad Edge E425 , ThinkPad Edge E50, ThinkPad Edge E520, ThinkPad Edge E525, ThinkPad L410, ThinkPad L412 hinkPad L420 , ThinkPad L421, ThinkPad L510, ThinkPad L512, ThinkPad L520, ThinkPad SL410, ThinkPad SL410 2842, ThinkPad SL410 2874 , ThinkPad SL410k 2842, ThinkPad SL510, ThinkPad SL510 2847, ThinkPad SL510 2847RE4, ThinkPad SL510 2875, ThinkPad T410 , ThinkPad T410i, ThinkPad T420, ThinkPad T420i, ThinkPad T510, ThinkPad T510 4339, ThinkPad T510 4349, ThinkPad T510 4384, ThinkPad T510 4484, ThinkPad T510 4873, ThinkPad T510i, ThinkPad T520, ThinkPad T520i, ThinkPad W510, ThinkPad W510 4389 , ThinkPad W520

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

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