HP Pavilion dv3 compaq cq35 laptop battery

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compatible battery for hp pavilion dv3 compaq cq35 laptop battery

Ratings : Li-Ion, 10.8V, 4000mAh

Compatible P/Ns :

500028-142 500029-141 500029-142 513127-251 516479-121 530801-001 HSTNN-C54C HSTNN-DB94 HSTNN-DB95 HSTNN-IB82 HSTNN-IB83 HSTNN-IB93 HSTNN-IB94 HSTNN-IB95 HSTNN-LB93 HSTNN-LB94 HSTNN-LB95 HSTNN-OB93 HSTNN-OB94 HSTNN-XB93 HSTNN-XB94 HSTNN-XB95 NU089AA NU090AA

Please check above battery part number (P/N) from the label of existing battery.

Supports the following laptop Models:

HP Pavilion dv3 Series :

dv3 dv3-1000 dv3t dv3t-2000 dv3z dv3z-1000 dv3-1051xx dv3-1073cl dv3-1075ca dv3-1075us dv3-1077ca

dv3-2000 dv3-2010el dv3-2010et dv3-2020ei dv3-2020el dv3-2020et dv3-2030ef dv3-2030ek dv3-2030ez

dv3-2033eg dv3-2060ek dv3-2070es dv3

COMPAQ Presario CQ35 Series :

CQ35-100 CQ35-101TU CQ35-101TX CQ35-102TU CQ35-102TX CQ35-103TU CQ35-103TX CQ35-104TU CQ35-104TX CQ35-105TU CQ35-105TX CQ35-106TU CQ35-106TX CQ35-107TU CQ35-107TX CQ35-108TU CQ35-108TX CQ35-109TU CQ35-109TX CQ35-110TU CQ35-110TX CQ35-111TU CQ35-111TX CQ35-112TU CQ35-112TX CQ35-113TU CQ35-113TX CQ35-114TU CQ35-114TX CQ35-115TU CQ35-115TX CQ35-116TU CQ35-116TX CQ35-117TU CQ35-117TX CQ35-118TU CQ35-118TX CQ35-119TX CQ35-120TX CQ35-121TX CQ35-122TX CQ35-124TX CQ35-125TX CQ35-126TX CQ35-127TX CQ35-128TX CQ35-129TX CQ35-200 CQ35-201TX CQ35-202TU CQ35-202TX CQ35-203TX CQ35-204TX CQ35-205TX CQ35-206TU CQ35-207TU CQ35-208TU CQ35-211TX CQ35-213TX CQ35-214TX CQ35-215TU CQ35-216TU CQ35-217TU CQ35-217TX CQ35-218TU CQ35-219TX CQ35-222TX CQ35-223TX CQ35-224TX CQ35-225TX CQ35-226TX CQ35-227TX CQ35-228TX CQ35-229TX CQ35-230TX CQ35-233TX CQ35-235TX CQ35-236TX CQ35-238TX CQ35-240TX CQ35-241TX CQ35-242TX CQ35-243TX CQ35-244TX

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

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