HP Pavilion dm3 538692-351 538692-541 580686-001 laptop battery

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compatible laptop battery for hp pavilion dm3 538692-351 538692-541 580686-001 laptop battery

Battery Ratings : Li-Ion, 11.1v 4000mAh,

Compatible battery part numbers (P/Ns) :

538692-351 538692-541 580686-001 HSTNN-E02C HSTNN-E03C HSTNN-OB0L HSTNN-UB0L VG586AA

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

Supports the following laptop Models :

HP Pavilion dm3 dm3-1000 dm3-1001au dm3-1001ax dm3-1001tu dm3-1002ax dm3-1002tu dm3-1003ax dm3-1003tu

dm3-1003tx dm3-1004ax dm3-1004tu dm3-1004tx dm3-1004xx dm3-1005ax dm3-1005tu dm3-1005tx dm3-1006au

dm3-1006ax dm3-1006tx dm3-1007au dm3-1007ax dm3-1007tu dm3-1008ax dm3-1008eg dm3-1008tu dm3-1009ax

dm3-1009tu dm3-1010ax dm3-1010ea dm3-1010eb dm3-1010ed dm3-1010eg dm3-1010ej dm3-1010el dm3-1010eo

dm3-1010et dm3-1010ev dm3-1010ew dm3-1010tx dm3-1011tu dm3-1011tx dm3-1012ax dm3-1012tx dm3-1013ax

dm3-1013tx dm3-1014tu dm3-1014tx dm3-1015ax dm3-1015eo dm3-1015tu dm3-1015tx dm3-1016ax dm3-1016tx

dm3-1017tx dm3-1018tx dm3-1019ax dm3-1019tx dm3-1020ax dm3-1020ca dm3-1020ea dm3-1020eb dm3-1020ec

dm3-1020ed dm3-1020ef dm3-1020eg dm3-1020eo dm3-1020er dm3-1021ax dm3-1021tx dm3-1022ax dm3-1022tx

dm3-1023ca dm3-1023tx dm3-1024ax dm3-1024ca dm3-1025ez dm3-1025sa dm3-1026tx dm3-1027tx

dm3-1028tx dm3-1030ea dm3-1030ed dm3-1030ef dm3-1030eg dm3-1030ei dm3-1030er dm3-1030sa

dm3-1030us dm3-1031tx dm3-1032tx dm3-1033tx dm3-1034tx dm3-1035br dm3-1035dx dm3-1035ef

dm3-1035eo dm3-1035tx dm3-1039wm dm3-1040ef dm3-1040eg dm3-1040ei dm3-1040ek dm3-1040eo

dm3-1040ev dm3-1040ez dm3-1040us dm3-1044nr dm3-1047cl dm3-1047nr dm3-1048la dm3-1050ee

dm3-1050en dm3-1050eo dm3-1050ep dm3-1050er dm3-1050ss dm3-1053xx dm3-1055eo dm3-1058nr

dm3-1060ea dm3-1060ef dm3-1060eo dm3-1060er dm3-1060es dm3-1065eo dm3-1070ea dm3-1070eo

dm3-1070es dm3-1075eo dm3-1080ef dm3-1080es dm3-1090es dm3-1095es dm3a dm3i dm3t

dm3t-1000 CTO dm3z dm3z-1000 CTO

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

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