Acer aspire 532h, 533, UM09H31, UM09H36, UM09H41, laptop battery

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Lion compatible battery for acer aspire one 532h 533 series compatible laptop battery

six months replacement warranty..

Ratings : Li-Ion, 11.1V, 4000mah

Compatible battery part numbers (P/Ns) :

UM09H31 UM09H36 UM09H41

Please check above battery part number (P/N) from the label of existing battery. If your laptop's battery part number is not listed here, please ask me through "ask seller a question" link and I will help you decide which battery is suitable for your laptop.

Supports the following laptop Models:

Acer aspire one 532h series :

532h 533 532h-2067 532h-21b 532h-21r 532h-21s 532h-2206 532h-2223 532h-2242 532h-2268 532h-2288 532h-2298 532h-2309 532h-2326 532h-2333 532h-2382 532h-2406 532h-2527 532h-2575 532h-2588 532h-2594 532h-2622 532h-2630 532h-2676 532h-2727 532h-2730 532h-2742 532h-2789 532h-2806 532h-2807 532h-2825 532h-2938 532h-2942 532h-2962 532h-2964 532h-2997 532h-2Bb 532h-2Bb_XP316 532h-2Br_XP316 532h-2Bs 532h-2Bs_XP316 532h-2Db 532h-2Db_W7616 532h-2Db_W7625 532h-2DGb_W7625 3G 532h-2DGr_W7625 3G 532h-2DGs_W7625 3G 532h-2Dr 532h-2Dr_W7616 532h-2Ds 532h-2Ds_W7616 532h-2Ds_W7625 532h-B123 532h-B123F 532h-CBK123G 532h-CBW123G 532h-CPK11 532h-CPR11 532h-CPW11 532h-R123 532h-W123 532h-W123F

Acer aspire one 533 series :

533-13083 533-13531 533-13827 533-13856 533-13870 533-13897 533-13DGkk_W7625 3G 533-13Dkk 533-13Dkk_W7325 533-13Dkk_W7625 533-13Drr 533-13Drr_W7325 533-13Dww 533-13Dww_W7325 533-23096 533-23227 533-23571 533-23923 533-N55Dkk 533-N55Dkk_W7625 Noir 533-N55Drr 533-N55Dww 533-N55Dww_W7625 Blanc AO533-KK3G AO533-WW3G

Please check above battery part number (P/N) from the label of existing battery.

Kindly match carefully battery image, battery part number (P/N) and laptop model, before purchase.

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