apple magsafe charger 45W 14.85V 3.05A Magnet pin compatible Apple Magsafe 1 charger

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apple magsafe charger

Technical specifications :

Input :100-240V, 50Hz ( Worldwide use )

Rating: 14.85V 3.05A 45W Magnet pin

Output pin Size : as in the image

Compatible Laptop Part number :
A1172, A1237, A1244, A1269, A1270, A1304, A1369, A1370, A1374,
MC505xx/A, MC233xx/A, MC234xx/A, MC505xx/A, MC506xx/A, MC503xx/A,
MC504xx/A, MC968xx/A, MC969xx/A, MC965xx/A, MC966xx/A

Supported Laptop model :

MacBook Air Mid 2009
MacBook Air 11 inch Late 2010
MacBook Air 13 inch Late 2010
MacBook Air 11 inch Mid 2011
MacBook Air 13 inch Mid 2011

If your laptop model is not listed here, kindly match with the output rating from your old ac adaptor, as given above. If it is same, you may buy this adaptor.

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